Thursday, May 23, 2013

Santa Fe: Artists,Art, Archecture and more (or should I say Moore)

Talented artists are everywhere.

Sidney is sharing her fabulous artwork with the group at our workshop in Santa Fe.
Artist Kelly Moore in his studio at the Flea Market.A wonderful artist and fascinating character to visit.

Hmmm..I seem to have lost something.

Just another beautiful window in Santa Fe.

Sumptuous Textiles...yummy colors..I wanted everything in this store.

 There is something for every artistic taste.

Awesome window.

The blue door that can only mean Pasquals Cafe

Not another gorgeous window!
The famous Chapel of Loretto.

The  cow skull...immortalized.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More fun from Santa Fe

Breakfast at the Inn at Loretto...yummy.

Our first workshop morning breakfast...cheers!

Our always cheerful manager, Leslie.I think she had already had her coffee.

Good morning Barbara.

Laurie trying to decide," oatmeal or American breakfast?"

Always working hard.

We found out we are neighbors.Cheers.

The Santa Fe Workshop

 It is hard to believe that our Santa Fe ,New Mexico workshop has come and gone.
Working on art, meeting new friends, eating great food,exploring, shopping (of course) , in a unique setting that is rich in culture,history and the arts= Santa Fe,NM.
All of us, Helen Shafer Garcia, Laurie Mika, Jane LaFazio and Lynn Leahy had a fabulous time teaching this workshop to a talented and enthusiastic group of women. We saw old friends from previous workshops and met many new ones from all over the world. Some samples of their work is revealed in these pictures.
They all came together in beautiful "quilt like" squares that we tried to capture as one large textile photo.
More photo's to come....