Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reverse Glass Painting

Lynn Leahy, Leslie Harris, Laurie Mika and Helen Shafer Garcia
We are having so much fun! We've been meeting at each other's homes and teaching each part of our wonderful Libro de Ofrendas for our upcoming retreat. This time, we met at Lynn Leahy's and she taught us reverse glass painting. So fun, so engrossing that in 6 hours I took only these 4 photos!

Helen Shafer Garcia's glass painting
Laurie Mika's glass painting

Jane LaFazio's glass painting


Sue Young said...

Once again... CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

Karen Cole said...

OK....since your incredible retreat is full....can't you give a girl a break and have a pre retreat get together just for fun?....after all, we have done some things as a team.