Wednesday, February 7, 2018

El Soñador-The Dreamer

Yes, we do have a name for our wonderful project this year, El Soñador, The Dreamer. The inspiration for this year's project came from a pair of vintage, folkloric wooden acrobat sculptures that Lynn found in San Miguel (of course, she did!) For all who know Lynn, she is the consummate shopper (and shipper) of the most fabulous finds that Mexico has to offer!
The acrobat (some might say a clown!! NO! lol) took on a life of his own and we are encouraging all participants to put their own spin on this fabulous creation and make it their own.

Lynn said it best:
 It has been brought to our attention that by only observing the photo some have interpreted it as a clown theme.
And we know that there are definitely “clown phobias”out there.😊
Please know that we encourage each student to bring their own interpretation of The Dreamer and we will help you make an art piece that is uniquely you.
I was basing my sculpture on a folkloric acrobat but i guess it morphed into a clown LOL. You DO NOT have to make a clown.
(We may play the movie “IT”during “happy hour”....just goof’n with ya)..cheers from the Tesoro Team

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